Writing Excuses 8.8: Writing and Personal Health

This week’s episode of the Podcast Writing Excuses was a very interesting discussion of writing and health (mostly mental health) which was open, frank and well worth listening to. Sadly, mental health issues are a very common affliction for creative types of all kinds, and writers are no exception.

I also found the discussion of Standing Desks an interesting one, which is an idea I’ve toyed with myself, but not actually tried out…

“We ask the obvious question — are there more mental illnesses to be found among creative folk, or are we all under confirmation bias?

Mary and Howard chime in with their own mental wellness struggles, and we talk about the importance of letting other people know how we’re feeling, and why we might be feeling that way. We also talk about our physical health, and how important it is for us as writers to keep track of that. Dan, Brandon, and Mary all have standing desks, and Brandon’s is affixed to a treadmill (and as a result of this ‘cast, Howard tried a standing desk for a month and but then gave up on it.)”

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