Birthday Time

Today was Connie’s Mother’s Birthday, so yesterday she, Connie, Connie’s Cousin, His Wife, his son Han-Han and I all went out for dinner at an Italian restaurant called imaginatively enough: “Pasta”. The food wasn’t bad, but the service was very slow for everyone except me, I guess the girls there liked me (or maybe that’s why the chef kept winking at me from the kitchen window…Kidding!) because I was the only one who got timely food.

After the exhaustive process of feeding ourselves and Han-Han, we went back to Connie’s cousin’s beautiful appartment and had a small party with fruit and honeydew melon (which is apparently quite expensive here for whatever reason). We watched the second half of Legally Blonde II (it was on TV, on their giant expensive liquid crystal TV…) and chatted, then her cousin drove us home for the night. A fun relaxing time.

Here’s a few pictures!