Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve, Connie and I went to see the movie The Family Stone, with Sarah-Jessica Parker (of Sex and the City fame) because we thought a light romantic comedy would be a good Christmas Eve choice. As it turned out, it was a Christmas movie and more of a drama than a comedy, but better than I expected, and perfect Christmas Eve material as it made you think about the importance of family during the holidays. We followed it up with a light dinner and a walk around the area, a nice quiet romantic Christmas Eve.

I should probably note here that Christmas Eve in Asia is effectively the 3rd Valentines day of the year (the previous two being Valentines Day proper, and a similar Chinese holiday in August) and so it’s a night for couples to go out and spend some time together rekindling their romance. There isn’t that idea of family here at Christmas, that’s saved for Chinese New Year at the end of next month. Posted by Picasa

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