Creating a Writer’s Step Sheet in Powerpoint

Since some people love their powerpoint, I thought I’d share the following I found on how to make a writer’s step sheet using it. Enjoy!


When I wrote a 1,000 word article, I don’t need an outline. I can keep everything straight in my head. In fact, in many cases, I create an outline and then flesh it out. I can’t possibly keep all of the twists and turns of a novel in my head. I get lost. When I don’t have an extended outline, I can lose my way, or worse yet, spend many hours writing material that I throw away.
You can easily create a stepsheet in any word processing program that provides outlining capabilities, and you can also create a stepsheet using special programs that you can buy on the Internet. You’ll know what’s right for the way that you write. Here’s why I sometimes use Microsoft PowerPoint to create a stepsheet:

  • It’s easy for me to drop in one item on one screen.
  • I can set Microsoft Powerpoint to display a slide show that displays every slide automatically, or any number of slides–like the slides that comprise chapters 1, 2 and 3 only.
  • I can make a voice recording for each slide, and have the PowerPoint show read me the stepsheet. In this way I can hear as well as see the spreadsheet.
  • I sometimes export the spreadsheet to a Microsoft Word document, and use it to write my novel.

It’s easy to create a stepsheet in Microsoft PowerPoint. All you need to do is open a new PowerPoint presentation and start typing. However, these tips make it easier for me to use the stepsheet that I create. Perhaps, they will also help you.

More here.

An interesting technique that might also be applicable to Audio Drama planning, using each Powerpoint Slide to represent a scene and then having notes and moving them around as needed to structure the show.

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