Entertainment Industry Joke

I heard the following joke on the Dead Robots’ Society podcast today, and though I’d share. This joke will only make sense if you understand the entertainment industry.


A writer and a producer are stranded in the desert together, crawling their way across the sand.

Then suddenly, the writer looks ahead and sees an oasis shimmering before him!

Using what strength he has, the writer gets to his feet, runs to the oasis and finds it’s real!

Kneeling down next to the oasis, he desperately begins gulping down handfuls of water. But, as he’s doing so, he hears a splashing sound, and looks over to see the producer has unzipped and is now peeing in the oasis!

“What are you doing?!?” Cries the writer in horror.

The producer smiles at him and says confidently “Making it better.”

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