My Awesome New Middle-Grade Series: The Crazy Tricks Club

A new year begins with the launch of a new book series! This is the first book of the Crazy Tricks Club, a fun and fast-paced story about Aiden Fox and the other members of Ridge Hill Jr. High’s Crazy Tricks Club. They’re a secret team of problem solving students who specialize in doing seemingly impossible missions for the mysterious figure known only as Raven.

In the first book, the team must find a way to return their school’s stolen charity drive money. Money they didn’t steal, and which has to be returned before anyone notices that it was stolen! It will take all the skills and wits of the newly formed team to not just outwit the thieves, but to return the money in front of the entire school without anyone noticing!

The Crazy Tricks Club is a fun series for 9-14-year-olds that reminds the reader that there’s always a solution to every problem – you just need to find the right trick!

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