Writing Slate Update Nov 22nd, 2008

Wow, this semester has left me horribly behind in my writing. I can blame work, or personal issues, but the truth is I think I just fell into the bad habit of writing in bursts- which is not a good thing! Writer are like piano players, they need to practice their craft on a regular (even daily, but at least weekly) basis to keep their skills sharp and their fingers nimble. Instead I’ve been letting my ideas and notes pile up while actual script production has been languishing.

Here’s what’s on my slate at the moment between now and Summer (and which I hope I can get done over the December break):

Near Future:

Twin Stars Book 2 (I’ve written 1.5 out of 8 scripts, and both of those are roughs)

The KFAT 2009 Christmas Special (still in note form, gotta bang this one out quick!)

Team Iron Angel: Root of Evil (got 3 different rough versions of the first part done, should be 4-6 parts long, need to get this one done ASAP too!)

D-Ranger: The Lost Broadcast (60% done this script, this will be a 1-shot)

Further Ahead:

Finishing Little Gou and the Crocodile’s Daughter

A 6 episode Fantasy miniseries (D&D type Fantasy in this case)

A 1-shot horror story for next Halloween

A youth fantasy novel called Anisa and the Little Goblin Seamstress

If I can get into the habit of writing weekly, I can clear through this pretty quick. All it will take is a lot of self-discipline and an understanding wife! ^_-