First Day on the Job at ESP

So, a little before 12 this morning, I showed up at the ESP KoJen office, bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready to teach my first English class of the day. (Actually, it would really be my second English class of the day since in the cab driver who took me to the office spoke just enough English for a halting but full conversation during our 1/2 hour cab ride.) After conferring with the office staff and my manager, Paul Dunne, I was off with Sharon (our Taiwanese office manager) to the offices of the Tomen corporation to educate their fine sales employees in English.
Arriving just before the scheduled 12:30 class time Sharon and I were shuttled into a small meeting room and proceeded to wait for the students to come….and wait….and wait….Eventually one of the 5 showed up, followed shortly by two more, the other two being off on business. Sharon gave them the basic class rules and information in Chinese, smiled and then wished me good luck as she vanished out the door.
And, I was off!
I introduced myself and then gave them survey handouts which contain a series of interview questions which they have to ask their partner. Once they are done the interviews, it’s their job to introduce their partner to the rest of the class. This is a great exercise suggested by Alan (one of the other ESP teachers) and it worked like a charm, we spent our whole 45 minutes of class time doing interviews and introductions, and breaking the ice. They’re not a bad bunch, and were actually quite bright and fairly eager, if a bit shy. I think I will have a good time with them, at least I hope so, since I will be teaching them for 50 minutes twice a week as we try to polish their business English.
All in all, not a bad start, and luckily for me they’re next to a major MRT station, so I can take the subway to get to and from their office quickly.

Rob, signing out. ^_^

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