Status Report

So, having finally caught up on all my picture posting, I thought I’d mentioned a little bit about my current situation in Taiwan. Today I renewed my Alien Resident Card, which means I’m good for another year. I have a great new apartment (which I’m slowly discovering is more noisy than expected, but I can deal with it) and in general life is pretty good. I’ve gotten back into my old routines and am even working out again.

Right now I am teaching 5 corporate classes and they’re all going pretty well, but I do have a lot of extra time at the moment so I hope I can get more classes soon. (My new apartment is more expensive than my old one, so I’d like 7 classes or more, optimally.) I’m also teaching a new session of the ShiLin Writing Class I posted pictures of from before I left for Canada, several of my old students came back (David, Jenny, Vivian and Elaine) and a bunch of really interesing new ones joined, so we’re having a really good time studying writing.

Actually, the week before last a new student joined that class whose name I won’t mention, but his first question to me was “Can I go take a piss?” Which surprised me a lot, both with how good and natural his English was, and how he knew such vulgar slang. I tried to let him know that such language wasn’t appreciated in this class and hoped he wouldn’t be a problem. Luckily he dropped out the next week, his mother said my class had “too much grammar practice” for him. Funny that, a writing class with grammar practice. Who would have believed it!