Flashback! Revenge of the 80s: It’s All In The Reflexes

I’ve fallen out of love with anime over the years, but during the late ’80s and early ’90s I lived and breathed anime. (I even started London’s first independant anime club- Anime London.) So when I heard that the Anime News Network podcast was doing a “Top 10 of the ’80s” anime review show with a couple of old-timers (ie people slightly older than me), I was so there!

The show(s), which in total are around 3.5 hours long are totally worth listening to if you want to learn about what anime was like during what’s often referred to as being its “golden age”. The panel have a lot of different perspectives to bring to the table, and they do a good job of explaining their choices in detail. Even I learned quite a bit, and it inspired me to seek out a few old gems I think I missed or dismissed back in the day.

Part 1: Revenge of the 80s: It’s All In The Reflexes – ANNCast – Anime News Network. (Numbers 10-6)

Part 2: Revenge of the 80s: You’ve Got to have Power! (Numbers 5-1)



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