Racing toward the finish line!

Just as an update, I’m done writing the scripts for Twin Stars 204-207 and they’re basically undergoing pre-production editing. About two weeks back I had a sudden fit of inspiration and shot through 3 scripts in a week, but then hit 208 and it’s stopped me in my tracks while I puzzle it out.

Buildup is easy, I guess, but climax can be hard to write, especially when there’s a lot going on and it has to be conveyed in a short amount of time. I know what I want to do with 208, but actually doing it is the tricky part.

I really want to finish 208, because then I can focus on other things. I have a Samurai adventure 80% written I need to finish, more D-Ranger to write, and I want to do a Fantasy adventure story as well. All of these are audio drama, of course. ^_^