Random things I learned at Podcamp London 2010

Here are some random things I learned while attending the very cool Podcamp London today:

  • Search.Twitter.com can be used to find people with similar interests in your area by using the Advanced options.
  • So can Twellow– the Twitter yellow pages!
  • Twitter is an important Podcaster’s Marketing Tool
  • When doing voice work, some people have to stay away from dairy, while others say it helps!
  • Tongue twisters like “Unique New York, New York” make great voice work warmups.
  • When recording pretend you’re talking to another person at the other end.
  • Canada3.0 is Canada’s leading professional digital media conference.
  • London’s Health Unit has created Eatsure.ca, which shows the health status of London’s restaurants mapped out on a Google Map. Great idea! Now I know which places serve cat and which serve chicken!
  • Battledecks as a public speaking learning tool.
  • Linkedin can be a powerful tool for finding work and making contacts, but it must be used professionally.
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