Study the Masters of Manga with Manben!

Today, one of the manga greats, Takao Saito (creator of Golgo-13) sadly passed away, and while reading the outpouring of comments about his death on social media, I came across an interview he did for an NHK series called Manben which is about conversations with manga creators.

Don’t worry, it’s subtitled in English.

Curious as to what Manben was, I kept digging and learned that it was an NHK TV show where the (many) award winning manga genius Naoki Urasawa (20th Century Boys, Billy Bat, and more than I can list here) sat down with various leading manga creators and talked to them about art, their process, and philosophies for an hour.

Not only that, a fan had worked tirelessly to subtitle the series in English out of the love of manga and posted them on YouTube and on his own site. Even better, the versions on his own site have show notes and time stamp notes that indicate the topics the creators discussed at each point in the video so you can jump to exactly the part you’re interested in if you so choose.

This is an invaluable resource for artists and fans, and I salute the fansubber for making these available for us all!


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