The Rise of Webtoons

I’m not sure if many people know about this, but is just starting to majorly take off. My tween tutoring students all read it, and I think it’s going to be huge in the very near future.

Here’s an artist talking about his first month’s experience on it I recommend watching…

The site is actually the English webcomic branch of Korea’s biggest web portal Naver, which is a huge company and it has real money behind it. They were smart enough to see manhwa (Korean comics) were getting popular in English, so they jumped on it by translating some of their better stuff, plus recruiting other English webcomics, plus making the site open for anyone else who wants to put their stuff on it. All while linking it to Patreon, so your fans can give you money. 

As the video above shows, it’s still fairly easy to find an audience on there because the flood hasn’t started yet, and those who get in soon are going to have a serious first-mover advantage in getting an audience. 


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