The Rocking Self Publishing Podcast

Since I’m back in the writing world over the Summer, I decided to hunt around and see if there were any new writing podcasts worth a look. I started by checking out the Author U: Your Guide to Book Publishing podcast, which was interesting but I personally found it way overproduced (it sounds like a talk radio show, in the crass way) and literally packed to the gills with commercials, so I felt like ideas weren’t being fully explored in the limited time they had before they jumped to the next commercial block. However, while I was listening to it, a guest mentioned the Rocking Self Publishing podcast as being one of the things new authors should be listening to.

My first episode of the RSP podcast was the one on writing a lot more that I referenced in my recent Writing Chinese Style post, and I was quickly hooked by Simon Whistler’s engaging style and the professional but laid back approach he takes to interviewing self-published authors. He really does seek out some of the best and brightest of the self-publishing world, and has made an honest effort to include different perspectives, including non-fiction authors and hybrid authors who also publish traditionally. I like that, and how he creates extensive show notes for each episode summarizing the key ideas that guest talked about.

I’m still working my way through the RSP podcast’s archive of episodes (there are 48 as of this post), and while I don’t like all episodes equally, I am finding it’s a great way to catch up with the industry and has given me a lot to think about in my own approach to writing and marketing my stories. So, if you’re thinking of being a self-published author- check it out!


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