This Page

Hi, and welcome to my new hubpage.

This page is in many ways my new Blog, but it goes beyond that. I wanted to make a page that would better represent me on the web and act as a gateway to my various projects- new and old. For now, it will act as a combination resume and blog, with it being much more general than my old (underused) writing blog in an effort to make it more active and less focused. In a lot of ways, I think specificity is the death of many blogs- you set them up for a specific purpose, but it doesn’t allow them to grow and change.

That’s also why I’ve set up this page and domain, Kung Fu Action Theatre is also a site with a specific purpose, and I wanted to start to move beyond it in an effort to explore new creative realms. Don’t worry, I’m not abandoning KFAT in any way (it’s still my baby!), but there are some things that just don’t fit on KFAT that I’d like to do, and this site is a way of allowing myself the freedom to do them.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll drop by from time to time. I promise to update regularly, and will have a few other surprises coming in the future that will make this an interesting place to visit.



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