Suffer the Children

It’s interesting that when we think of history we tend to think of it not just in terms of just men (as feminists often remark) but we also tend to leave out that other percentage of the population- Children. One of my favorite podcasts, Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, last week did a show about the history of our children and how they have been treated through the ages by their elders. It’s not a pretty story, as for most of human history children were treated poorly in more ways than most of us can begin to imagine.

This podcast episode reads like a history of child abuse, and it very much is in a lot of ways, and there were points where I thought “why am I listening to this?” and considered listening to something else. But I kept listening, if for no other reason than Dan Carlin’s always interesting style, and by the end was rewarded with one of the most hopeful perspectives of mankind I’ve seen in a long time. I highly recommend anyone who can take the hour or so and give this a listen, and listen right to the end- because I promise it’s worth it.

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