Update Oct 1st, 2008

Well, it’s been a busy month and that hasn’t left a lot of time for fresh writing.

Twin Stars Book One is now not only finished, but entirely in the production line. So with that out of the way I need to focus on several things over the next month:

1) Team Iron Angel’s next adventure still isn’t quite what I’d like yet, but I want to slot it in between the Books of Twin Stars as an interm mini-series, so I need to get my act together and get it done. It’s been too long since Arclight’s lady warriors have graced KFAT and that’s time to change.

2) Little Gou and the Crocodile Princess hit a tough spot, stalled and got tossed on the back-burner. But I need to finish it ASAP, so I’m going to have to start making time for it soon to get it back in gear.

3) I have a pile of Little Gou adventures in various states of production, which will all eventually get finished, but I’d like to devote myself to finishing Crocodile Princess first, so I’ll leave him on hiatus for the moment.

4) Twin Stars Book Two is currently in the planning stages. I do know where it’s all going, I have since the start, but planning out each episode to get us there is what takes the time and effort. Book One will end on January 1st 2009 by the current schedule, and Book Two will likely start March or April 2009. I want a little breaktime between them.

5) Have to come up with a nifty Christmas special idea…I was thinking of a Halloween one too, but since Broken Sea kinda rules the audio drama roost in that area, I think I’ll skip it and just release TS Episode 7 instead. ^_-


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