Just Two Days Left to get The Cat and the Whaler for Free!

The Secrets of the Five Lotus Stance are known by few, desired by many, and held by only one. Unfortunately for Little Gou, that happens to be him! Pursued by pirates, and caught in the clutches of a mysterious warrior sect, Gou must use the power of a scroll he can’t read to get it back to its rightful owner. Even if it kills him.

Little Gou’s second swashbuckling adventure is only free for two more days! So take the opportunity now to snag this ebook novelette from Smashwords!

Until June 7th, if you go to Smashwords and enter the coupon code NQ67B you can get it in the format of your choice absolutely free! All I ask is that if you enjoy it you leave a rating on Amazon, Smashwords or Goodreads to help me promote the story. This is a special Gou story, in that it’s illustrated as well, with art by Yi Weng! Check it out!

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