Little Gou hits the Kindle!

Well, it finally happened. 🙂

My first Little Gou short story -Hot Soup- has been published on the Kindle. The story itself is an adaption of the very first Little Gou adventure- Little Gou and the Emperor’s Cousin. Although much expanded, I used the original story as the template, and somehow a 10 page script turned into 26 pages of action, comedy and adventure!

I plan to do a reading of the story for my new KFAT Audio Fiction segment on the Podcast in February, but anyone wanting to get a jump on reading it is welcome to check it out. At 99 cents, it’s a steal!

For those who don’t own a Kindle, I’ll be putting it on Smashwords soon as well, which will get it out in the other e-book formats. I also plan to do a number of other stories this year, and similarly release them in e-book format as we go. It’s a new frontier, and I’ve decided to saddle up and take a ride out to see what I can find.

Wish me luck!