Toronto Comic Book Shop Claims to Be World’s First for Kids

A new comic store focussed on kids has opened up in Toronto, which I think is a great idea. It’s ironic, I spent most of my teen years wishing people would treat comics as a general medium and not just as kids stuff, but now that comic companies seem to feel free to stuff their books with sex and graphic violence, I have started to feel superhero books are better suited to being a kids/young adult medium after all. Maybe they always were, and members of my generation who tried to force them to be something they’re not are the problem.

Little Island Comics logo

Image copyright Little Island Comics

The Beguiling is a well-known Toronto comic book store (24 years in business) and its operators have decided to seize an untapped market and open a new comic book shop that caters exclusively to the under-12 set. Little Island Comics is specializing in kid-friendly titles, so parents don’t have to worry about their little comic book fans accidentally stumbling across graphic violence, nudity or other inappropriate content. Kids’ comic book authors are being tapped to make appearances and the staff are specially trained to interact with this younger demographic and parents.

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